Losing Weight and Fitness

After a period of enforced immobility, it is often difficult to get back to doing the daily routine which includes getting out for some healthy fresh air and exercise, but as soon as you are able, it is what you must do. Staying cooped up inside for too long not only has a bad impact on your physical health, but it also robs you of the motivation to improve health and get fit again.

Having been a sufferer of gout on and off for the past 16 years, I thought I knew what it was like to be prevented from doing something I enjoyed, like walking, for the duration of the gout attack. Well it can get worse, as I discovered one summer when I was actually taken out of the picture for a full three months. In that time, only being able to hobble around slowly and with a lot of associated pain, I lost a lot of muscle density in my legs and the strength went with it.

Fitness Long Term

Getting back to fitness was a long and hard road, but I found that by taking my time and doing things gradually, I managed to regain that lost strength and muscle density and am now able to walk normally once more. It took a lot of daily exercise and I found walking the dogs for long walks very beneficial. Its also good to get out into the fresh air and get some sun exposure as it boosts your body’s natural production of vitamin D which is vital for health and preventing bone mass loss. As one of the cool weight loss tips that many people miss, it is pretty useful! Also, by getting lots of natural daylight each day, the body responds by producing more serotonin, which is its own natural feel good hormone. This lifts your mood and dispels any depression, which is a symptom of too much time spent indoors.

For people who suffer similar periods of inactivity for whatever reason, the return to fitness can seem an almost impossible task at times, especially when something as simple as walking down a flight of stairs becomes a major hazard with your knees threatening to buckle on each step. This is where getting daily exercise is essential. But as long as you harbour genuine feelings of hopefulness and are determined to let nothing beat you, then you will overcome the negativity that any illness naturally bestows on you.

Then you’ll be able to come out fighting in the full knowledge that you will get back to where you were and mean to stay there!


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